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Monday, July 02, 2012



Christy, sometimes it's easier said than done, isn't it? But the Holy Spirit isn't called The Helper for nothin'! Will be praying for your spirit to be bolstered.

I like writing things down, too -- helps to see them in black & white, even if the list seems long or daunting at first. Look for the Truth in each statement and cross off the ones that are "fiery darts/flaming arrows!" (Eph 6:16) xo

Glenda Childers

Christy, I am much older than you and have walked with God a long time ... and still I find it hard at times to let go and then WAIT. I applaud your desire. It is okay to not get it right all of the time. God loves us anyway and understands.

Praying you get the job.


I've found it really an important practice for me to write out my specific concerns that I'm bringing to God. I tend to feel overwhelmed and in a constant state of "things happening all the time" and so I frequently feel like nothing is happening. But when I've written them down? I can look back a week later and try and find specific things that may have changed. I need that!

Also? Love you :)

Janice C. Johnson

I think you nailed it with your words about "waiting." Yes, it's hard, and I often find myself waiting for the wrong thing... looking down the wrong track for my train, as it were.
Jan (from SDG)

Amy Sullivan

Good for you for listening to the struggles you write in your journal...too often I write them and go on. The back and forth is not always an easy place to be.


I'm behind! I just saw the Delighted Designs and I AM SO EXCITED for you. I guess this means I'm gonna have to start paying! :)

On another note, can i just tell you, right in this moment, I am in the back and forth. So hard. So hard. Lifting up prayers for you right now, sweet friend.


I really like your idea of writing down your concerns and then giving them to the Lord.

Also I would love to write something for your prayer series if you are still looking?


I've read this a few times now & every time something new stands out to me. I so get this, I've done this same cycle in the last two weeks.

Psalm 27:14 is an anthem for me. <3

Sharita Knobloch

Excellent words, Christy... I think we are cut from the same clothe, my friend... I too write down and pray through my worries/fears/concerns. I feel better for a while then poof, they show back up. Setting them down and LEAVING them down is a practice that is going to take... well, practice. SIGH.

Funny that I keep picking them back up because they are so stinking heavy. Oh, and thanks for sharing this verse-- it's one of my favs. As far as the word that I am clinging to this week:
"When I get really afraid, I come to you in trust." ~Psalm 56:3 (MSG)

So excited to have you as part of our SDG small group. :-) Be blessed and welcome!

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