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Monday, January 23, 2012



You know I've been (and am) there with you. A lesson I am learning is not to, when I seem to reach the end of my rope, step in and "Play God" with my circumstances. No, I don't believe just sitting on my couch will get me where he wants me to wind up, but I also know it needs to start there. And if I don't have peace about something, I'm not moving. Nuh uh. Not one step. Regardless of how that looks to the world, to other believers, or even to the human, logical side of my heart.

The one who has called you is faithful, and he will do it.


My pastor shared a Richard Rohr quote with me that I have passed on so many times. I don't have it with me to get the exact wording, but it said that God has to work on our hearts in secret. If he didn't, then we would try to change the plan, or stop it, or control it. I often reflect on that during the difficult waiting periods.

JoPrincessWarrior ♚  (@JoPWL)

Waiting is so hard...esp in the instant society we live in. But I believe that it is in the waiting we grow, we trust, we bloom. xo


You don't want that job you applied for Christy. It's just your weakness talking. You didn't quit a job you love just to go back to another one of the same. You quit to follow God. Hold on, He WILL reveal more of HIS plan for your life to you!!


Praying for you in this time of wait. Always here for you. <3

Joanne Sher

Waiting is SO tough sometimes. Praying, dear Christy.


Ah! Yes! I am in a season of waiting too...I hate it but I love it because I know the Lord has great things for you and me. :)


My hand is raised in agreement. I think I've been living in the land of "something has to change" for several years, but this past year has been the most painful of waiting for the when will it change. I was reading about Joseph, I'm sure his view from the pit or the jail cell was not going along with the dream God had given him. I wonder if he ever faltered in his patience for waiting.


oh. i hear you. i hear you. i hear you. i honestly hate not knowing. waiting. it's really not my thing, so i do hear you.

and my struggle? right now, I'm struggling with retreat provision!

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