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Monday, January 30, 2012



P.S. Happy Birthday, Deborah! I admire how you turned that situation around -- my hubby is "forgetful," too -- and I appreciate that you shared how to overcome "poor lil' ol' me" feelings with grace and humor.


Christy, you have a way of exposing crucial issues with such gentleness. I absolutely loved your line, "I can let you in, but only to a point." Sometimes I feel like I trust God based on my past experiences with people -- I limit my relationship with Him by trying to fit Him into my "human" perceptions of trust. God is so much bigger than that! Or as He says: "My ways are not your ways..." (Isaiah 55:8) Thank you for giving me something to build on.


oh yes... i have these same troubles with trusting too. love your heart you show us here.


This was me last year. Like, for REAL. I'd go as far as saying at the time I didn't even fully believe in His goodness. I was skeptical. Reading Psalm 27:13 last year in the midst of everything going on with us and how I was in complete despair mode - it just wrecked me to read "I would have despaired if I didn't believe in Your goodness." Uh-oh. After that, it was a year of God going out of his way to uproot that in me and I've seen SO much growth and movement and trust in this area since then.

The beautiful thing is that what He unearths in you, He has plans for. I find rest in that...


Mine was yesterday morning. I was feeling really sorry for myself because I knew the guys in the house would not remember it was my birthday, or that it came so close to the anniversary of losing my mom. I fixed breakfast, to which they didn't come to when ready. I knew my husband won't remember...he's not into time, but I refused to remind him. I really wanted him to remember on his own. As I sat there eating my eggs alone, anger and bitterness joined me at the table. Then I remembered that I had decided to "choose joy", so I started listing things to be thankful for and you know...within a matter of seconds anger and bitterness left the house and I laughed with the guys about them not remembering.

Joanne Sher

Oh, Christy. I feel like my whole week has been like this. I feel like I've lost my passion, and maybe even some of my optimism. It's a trust thing - I KNOW. I so want to trust Him fully.

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