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Sunday, September 18, 2011



Wow! So personal. So real. So true to the heart of many. I love your heart of forgiveness. That's where your freedom lies. Thank you so much for your testimony of what it means to accept one another without embracing wrong and lead others to Him by example.


I am so thankful you shared. I am sure it was free~ing for you, but also, it opens up things in others' hearts, including my own. Things were stirred in my own heart for my Dad. He loves the Lord very much and prays for me, but without my mom here and my stepmom not having the connection like a mom, his distance is enormous in the ways I want him to love me and I just accept it, but I haven't acknowledged it at a place where I can be healed...thank you friend!!!


Two things:

1. Your obedience in sharing this with your readers will not go unrewarded. I know it wasn't easy but you trust His plans for this sharing & that is a beautiful thing. <3

2. He - our God - delights to call you His. Daughter. What joy you bring His heart.

<3 <3 <3


This hit home for me too, but I have been a distant mother at times in my life. There have been times when I was soo very appalled at my behavior and the choices I made that I thought better to not be alive than endure the pain and regret. I have reaped what I had sown. My Father in heaven has lovingly taken me by the hand and plucked my feet out of the miry clay. I have been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. I am thankful that I have had to walk that path as it has given me a heart of compassion for those that hurt. I am sorry for your loss in relationship but I will pray that your earthly father experience the Love of God in his life one day..


Beautiful. I'm sorry that you have a different relationship than most with their dads. I'm glad that you aren't giving up although sometimes you want to. Your story will touch someone and realize they aren't the only ones out there. Love ya!


me too Christy..me too.
thank you for sharing this with us..me
Your example encourages me and helped me
see my daughter's relationship with her dad
in a little different way..now I can maybe share a
thing or two with her and help her.

Amy @ Filled With Praise

This is so open, honest and beautiful. I love that you are allowing God to use you by sharing this. I know it will be read by just the person He is using you to help today.
Love you, friend!

Joanne Sher

I love how open you are with your feelings, and even more, with the PROCESS. This, my dear, will minister to many. It has to me. Love ya.

Tara @ Creole Paperie

This is so beautiful Christy. I am truly, truly sorry for the chasm & the hurt you've endured, but it's so beautiful to me that you've been able to grasp hold of your heavenly Father's love and in turn use that to help heal your wounds with your earthly father. I'm so glad you shared this. You're a very awesome lady.


So beautifully shared and written, Christy. Yes, this is a difficult and sad place to be. I love how God has lovingly walked you through this and revealed all these truths to you. Thank you for sharing such a personal struggle...makes me adore you even more :)

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