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Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Loved it. Also, your new blog look? Awesome. It's probably not new, I've been so remiss in my blog reading, but I like it :)


I felt every line of the poem and I always wonder why authors write what they write...thank you for sharing the back story!


just read heart cracks and left you a comment there. I love it!!!

I am super jealous that you have a steak n' shake!! I thought it was just a mid-west thing! That's it... I'm moving to Georgia! haha If only... ;)


P.S. Love today's illustration!


I loved learning that it was a compilation! (Yet somehow I knew it was, because I saw myself in it.) You have the rare gift of transmitting feelings into words, Christy -- a God-given gift! :) Thanks again!

Joanne Sher

Christy, I know I said it before, but that piece was absolutely beautiful and poignant and hopeful and healing. I love that you're writing again, and that you're sharing it, and your "backstory," with us.

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